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The total area of the college library is 244 sq.m., it is located on the 1st floor of the main building, on the 2nd floor of the hostel.

The library includes a subscription, a reading room and multimedia rooms. Students and teachers have the opportunity to receive the necessary information using electronic textbooks, working with computers connected to the Internet in the multimedia room.

The library fund is replenished on the basis of government purchases from republican and local publishing houses, bookstores, contracts with book authors. Particular attention is paid to the quality and completeness of the library fund, especially books and textbooks in the state language for each specialty.

Within the framework of the electronic library program “Library” new electronic textbooks have been registered and an electronic catalog has been created. New textbooks are added to the fund every year.

The college library is a periodical that is the primary source of information and regularly subscribes to press materials. Thematic card indexes will be developed, which will include publications on the introduction of innovations in the field of medicine, the promotion of new teaching methods by teachers. In the reading room, folders on various topics have been prepared for readers.

Newspapers and magazines

Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой
Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой
Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой

Reading room

Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой
Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой
Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой

Library for dormitory students

Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой

Digital Library "Aknurpress" ​

Digital library “Aknurpress” – a software product with online access to the database of domestic digital textbooks and manuals, with technical support, call-center.

It has a qualitative approach to the selection of literature for the educational process, contains more than 2000 titles of textbooks and teaching aids for higher and secondary educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which correspond to academic subjects. Literature is presented in Kazakh, Russian and English.

The library is updated daily and replenished with new editions, and the database also has domestic scientific articles in various disciplines.

After registration, remote access is granted. To access the online library, follow the link: The promotional code from the college library is taken and registered through the site.

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For library users in this section you will find online libraries, internet portals on various topics; You can use the official websites of Kazpatent, Rospatent, online dictionaries, academic resources and free online resources where you can find a lot of useful information.