Student Council

The Student Council of the Aktobe Medical College named after the Hero of the Soviet Union, the Student Council, is an executive body of students’ self-governance, which actively promotes students as an effective tool for the education of students, forming a responsible attitude and responsibility for each individual’s rights and responsibilities.

Purpose: To develop comprehensive and interesting student life for the full realization of the individual. Organize systematic work on improvement of student management mechanisms at the student group, course, college level.

Objectives: The main tasks of the Student Council are to give leadership to the college leadership and the teaching staff a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum of each student’s specialty, becoming a middle-aged specialist.
 The Student Council carries out its activities in 7 directions:
1. Social and political support for young people- External relations with the Public Youth Organization.
2. Scientific and educational activities- Organization of scientific research among students.
3. Informational message- Publish all downloads and downloads to college.
4. Cultural-majority- Conducting celebratory events in college.
5. Formation of healthy lifestyle- Promotions promoting a healthy lifestyle.
6. Professional orientation – charity- Organization of charity events.
7. Discipline – discipline of students- Supervision of discipline within college.

Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой