The competition “The best paramedic -2018”

Profession of the paramedic of ambulance it is possible by the right to call one of the most difficult and responsible among all medical specialties of an average link. Readiness for future responsible profession was shown today by graduates of “medical business” at the total vnutrikolledzhny competition “the best paramedic-2018”.
Estimated contestants experienced the paramedic from practical health care.

Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой

On the І stage competition stage students submitted the business cards, showing the interesting substantial presentations.

On the ІІ stage of a competition included the solution of situational tasks: diagnosis and rendering an acute management during which students showed the communicative skills, ability to estimate a condition of the patient and to make the diagnosis, showed skills of performing antishock therapy, carried out an immobilization, stopped bleeding, removed an ECG, etc.

Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой

On ІІІ  stage contestants on the exercise machine dummy carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Following the results of a competition Sauit Kairat is recognized as “The best paramedic-2018”.
The  I place – Zheksembiyeva Akmaral
The II place – Tuymedinova Makhabbat
The III place divided between Urazbayeva Kundyz and Zhumagali Amirzhan