Union membership

Many of us, join unions and its members often asks the question “What is this? Why do you need a union? What advantages would it give me?”
Especially the question occurs in people only hear about an organization or just wishing to join it.

So, what will give us the membership of the trade union:

1. The ability collectively to defend the social and labor rights of workers’ interests to seek fair, prompt payment and safe working conditions, additional social guarantees
2.Personal protection in the implementation of provisions of the labour code of the Republic of Kazakhstan
3. The presence of the trade union organization commits an employer to take into account the opinion of the trade union on social and labour questions
4.Promotion of employment, pretending unlawful layoffs.
5. Assistance on social and labour questions in difficult situations
6.Free representation of the workers’ interests in the commission on labour disputes
7.Trade union control over the observance of labour legislation and labour protection
8.Tthe possibility of collective protective actions (pickets, rallies, marches, strikes)
9.The possibility of increasing the legal economic, professional know2ledge through the information system of the trade union
10. Receive an information on all issues through the trade union
11. The trade union assist in obtaining permits to student health camps
12. Discounts on the tickets to the trade union health resorts of the Republic of Kazakhstan
13.Opportunity to participate in cultural and sport events organized by the trade union
14. Obtaining financial assistance from the union
15.Recieve awards and promotion of the trade union